How are homes that impress created
How are homes that impress created
The history of dome housing construction is a history of out-of-the-box thinking and innovative ideas. To create dome houses in Russia, we use the world experience of previous decades and our unique developments.
Architect John Lautner created a world-famous home project in California, which resembles a UFO. He has used the innovative concept of the stratodesic dome for the Chemosphere
Patrick Marsilli opens the company Domespace, which begins the serial production of dome houses. In 1990, he created the first house that revolves around its axis.
1990 — 2000
Amateur enthusiasts, using geodetic technology, have built several hundred dome houses in different regions of Russia.
Skydome was founded in 2013. We have improved the technology of stratodesic dome, and we were the first in Russia who started applying it in professional design and construction.
American architect Buckminster Fuller invented the geodesic dome technology. This was an ambitious attempt of popularizing hemisphere houses. However, dome houses have attracted interest of the public only a few decades later.
Based on our experience, we have developed new shapes and expanded our product range. No one has ever done this before; we are proud that it has been developed in Russia and is available worldwide!
Two university degrees in the field of physics. Worked in the areas of teaching, business consulting, real estate, and analytics.
Educated in France. Worked in consulting, development, and architecture.
Yaroslav Soyuzov
The path of our company is extraordinary. We create perfect houses, and we change the traditional view of the architecture.
Denis Selivanov
Although each of our projects has its individual nature, there is a common feature: they are perfect for those who are not afraid to differ from others.
Our team
For the first time, instead of glued structures, laminated veneer lumber frame was integrated into the spherical residential house, which significantly increased the load-bearing capacity of the frame, as well as its excellent quality thanks to 100% CNC machining.
Based on more than 3000 sketches, the best internal layouts for spherical houses have been developed and tested in practice.
Over the last 10 years, the design of Skydome has been finalized to the maximum degree of detail, including very efficient installation and construction manuals.
An innovative puzzle unit of curved beams has been developed, with the help of which the installation of the frame has been simplified (without the use of a crane or any special tools), and the logistics of the house set has been optimized.
In cooperation with the Danish company Velux, a safe roof window unit for the dome attic has been developed.
In cooperation with experts in drive mechanics, a unique dome rotation mechanism has been developed.
Our design works
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