Real estate from the trunk of your car for country business and tourism

Real estate from the trunk of your car for country business and tourism

Earn faster and more
Skycamp is ready idea for those who want to start a tourism business. Ideal for glamping, coastal hotel, mountain or national park.

Installing SkyCamp will optimize the business processes and increase the hotel room capacity for the minimum time.
дороже аренда
на 15%
дешевле обходится возведение SkyCamp
в 12 раз
*По данным сервисов Booking и Airbnb
expensive the rent
15% more
cheaper to build SkyCamp
12 times
Project cost
Rent price
An idea that is so easy to start
Having studied the advanced experience in the development of camping culture, we have created a structure that does not fall under construction regulations and does not require a declaration. Also, we have created a unique method of promoting the glamping, thanks to which your project will stand out against the background of others.

The options developed by us will allow the project not to depend on external factors: seasonality, lack of energy sources, climatic conditions.
years experience
completed projects
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Exceptional quality of materials
The outer and inner layer of material Ripstop:
Foil layer
  • does not suffer from a corrosion
  • provides additional insulation
  • increases the efficiency of heating system
  • eliminates the formation of drafts
  • lightweight and elastic
  • protects against the influence of external factors: wind, temperature drops (including frost), precipitation, fog, ultraviolet
  • maintaines a constant comfortable indoor temperature
  • waterproof
Внешний и внутренний слой
— материал Ripstop

  • Защищает от влияния внешних факторов: ветра, перепадов температуры (включая заморозки),осадков, тумана, ультрафиолета
  • Поддерживает неизменную комфортную температуру внутри помещения
  • Влагонепроницаемый
  • Увеличивает эффективность отопительной системы
  • Исключает образование сквозняков
  • Легкий и эластичный
Фольгированный слой
  • Не подвержен коррозии
  • Обеспечивает дополнительную теплоизоляцию
Strength tested in extreme conditions
We have developed the unique technology of the stratodesic design, which we have been implementing in low-rise housing construction for 7 years. The same principle we use in production of SkyCamp frames.

This form provides the strength with large snow loads up to 220 kg per m2 and wind loads up to 65 m/s.

Construction units guarantee the high strength and the wear-resistance, and the "crown" element allows the structure to be light and meet all operational requirements.
Advanced technology with which everything is so simple
SkyCamp can be installed together in 90 minutes and can be quickly disassembled, even in the conditions of arctic cold. The project has already been implemented in the Far North of Russia, which confirms our calculations for strength and operation. Our engineers have developed a mechanism by which the design does not require the special tools and skills. For each set we apply an accessible and understandable assembly instructions.
More convenience!
We went ahead and delevoped a folding mechanism for your convenience. Frame elements are equipped with special technology, which ensures maximun capacity and mobility of SkyCamp.

The whole structure fits into 2−3 bags and is placed in the back seat or trunk of a car For more complete set of "Arctic" requires a transportation in the trucks.
Available sizes
Complete set
Architectural waterproof PVC fabric allows to provide a natural ventilation and a comfortable climate inside SkyCamp. It is ideal for temperate climate.
The contents of the basic set:
● frame bearing beams
● equatorial bridgings
● set of nodal joints
● zipper inlet
● connecting cabels
● assembly instructions
● repair kit
● transportation bags
● outer envelop
You can customize SkyCamp, considering the unique and corporate style of your project. More than 30 colors of the tent and frame, which means more ideas to create and embody.
The windows of different configuration will provide a huge and bright space inside SkyCamp and make the most efficient use of solar energy in the winter.
Entrance PVC door with a single-pane double-glazed window protects from drafts, keeps heat inside and does not leak moisture.
Integration of the fireplace for economical air heating of the room with a well thought-out ventilation unit provides warmth and a comfortable temperature inside.
Service " installation supervision ". Our specialist will advise you and demonstrate the installation of the structure and the base.
Installation of Skycamp and the base
All options for your needs:
By purchasing the basic set you can always upgrade it to the winter, even if the decision about year-round living in SkyCamp will come to you in a year.
By purchasing the basic set you can always upgrade it to the winter, even if the decision about year-round living in SkyCamp will come to you in a year.

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Press about us

Press about us


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